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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Splash Blog

Splash Blog is a free service that allows you to create a photo blog of pictures taken from your Treo 650.

Your images are uploaded to the web directly from your cell phone.

This is a great tool for immediate posting of your pics to the web.

Check out my Pics!

Found this link from Jeff Allen's Blog.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tips from Gerald

From Gerald Green @ ITC (8839)

Good habits
Hit the soft reset button once a month This button is a small hole located under the battery cover. This reboot will keep things working well. Note the phone will reboot and the phone will turn off. If you have set the camera to store pictures on an expansion card this will also have to be reset.

Good House Keeping
Select VersaMail, use the Drop Down Menu, Select Message then Select Delete old...The default is Folder: Inbox and Older Than: One week. The mail doesn't cleanup when you delete it from GroupWise and sync.

Shorter Versamail Download Time.
Select VersaMail, use the Drop Down Menu, Select Options, Select Preferences, Select Delivery Options and put a check by Get Only: Mail from last 1 week.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Treo 650 Topics & Tips

This blog is the outline for Glenn's Treo Talks

Help Yourself:

CD Disk Tour
Quick Tour
User Guide & Quick Reference Guide
Tips & Shortcuts in your pocket

Treo Features:
Reference Guide (See pic on right)
1 Antenna
2 Infrared Port
3 Ringer On/Off Switch
4 SD Expansion Card Slot
5 SIM Tray
6 Digital Camera
7 Stylus
8 Removable Battery
9 Volume Button
10 Customizable Button
11 Phone Speaker
12 320x320 Color Display
13 Applications Button
14 Phone/Send Button
15 Calendar Button
16 Menu Button
17 Power/End Button
18 Email/Messaging Button
19 5-Way Navigator
20 QWERTY Keyboard
21 Phone Dial Pad
22 Headset Jack
23 Multi-Connector
24 Microphone
25 Status Indicator
26 Speaker

Keyboard Features
Home Button (Applications)
Drop Menu Button
Mail Button
Brightness / Find
Blob (option)& lock

Power 3 seconds
Personal Buttons

Applications (Home)

Personalize Folder
Drop Down > Options > Preferences
Drop Down > Category

What is Blue Tooth?

Turn it Off & Why?

Phone Features:
Call Log - Press green 2 times
Redial - Press green 3 times
Flashing green - Phone on w/ reception
Flashing amber - Phone on w/out reception
Speed Dial Buttons
Voicemail & Audix

Drop Down menu > Accounts
It's not a sync
Select all

Adding & Beaming
Business Cards

Goggle 46645
Sending & Receiving messages

Documents to Go

Also check out PEP Tech Talk by Glenn Malone.